Yogyakarta Sultanate is one of the Islamic kingdom in Java which has a square broad found on the front of the Sultan Palace that (Square North) and plaza located on the rear of the palace of Yogyakarta, namely (South Square). Both the square have their respective functions.

When North Square is a gathering place for the people who have the character of a fuss then Southern square serves as a counterweight such character.

South Square of Yogyakarta known Alkid believed to be the resting place (Palereman) for the Gods. Therefore, the square is now widely used by people as a place ngleremke ati or reassure a lot of people.

In the past, Square kidul Yogyakarta is mostly used for special occasions such as agility training soldiers of the palace, various activities were held such exercises:

  • Setonan: stunt riding.
  • Manahan: archery contest with sitting cross-legged position.
  • Rob Tiger: tiger contest contest.
  • Masangin: Exercise of concentration by walking between two banyan trees (ringin parentheses) in the middle Alkid with eyes closed.

Currently the area is open and serves as a public space and entertainment for the public arena. Every day, the place is much visited by people of all ages.

Although it has been many changes in the function of the South Square, at least there is one thing that has not changed is still capable of being a place to calm the heart. Although just sit and chat with friends while watching the activities undertaken in the South Square.