Kasongan originally a rice field belonging to villagers in southern Yogyakarta. In the period of Dutch occupation in Indonesia, in the rice fields belonging to one of the residents were found dead horse. The horse is thought to belong to a Dutch officer. Since that time the Dutch occupation era, the people who own the land scared and immediately relinquish their land rights were then not admitted anymore. Fear is also common in other populations that have rice fields around which ultimately also release land rights. Since the number of free land, the other villagers immediately recognizes the land. Residents who do not have the land is then switched professions to become an artisan ceramics were initially only mengempal-ngempal land that does not break when put together. The land is actually only used for children's toys and kitchen furniture alone. However, due diligence and hereditary tradition, Tourism Village Kasongan eventually became quite famous.

Since the year 1971 - 1972, Kasongan progressed quite rapidly. Sapto Hudoyo (a great artist Yogyakarta) help develop Kasongan by fostering communities that largely craftsmen to give a touch of art and commercial for the design of pottery making pottery produced no making it appear dull and monotonous, but can give artistic value and the value of the economy is high. Ceramic Kasongan commercialized on a large scale by Sahid ceramics circa 1980s.

The craft of pottery produced by Kasongan generally in the form of jars with various motifs (peacocks, dragons, roses and many others), pots of various sizes (from small to the size of the shoulders adult), souvenirs, frames, wall hangings, furniture such as tables and chairs, etc. But then developing varied products includes flower imitation of leaves of the banana, the furniture of bamboo, mask -topengan and many others. The handicrafts are good quality and have been exported to foreign countries such as Europe and America. This village is usually very crowded by tourists visiting Yogyakarta.

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